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Phytowelt Green Technologies

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Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH


20 years of experience in industrial and plant biotechnology. Our core competence and unique selling proposition is the combination of these two fields: We offer tailor-made solutions for your process, products and plants.

Plant ingredients like terpenes as well as phenylpropanes have a broad range of applications in the market and we can produce them for you. Products out of these processes can be Flavors and Fragrances, active ingredients, raw materials and many other plant ingredients.

In the plant breeding field we offer double haploid breeding, polyploidization, protoplast fusion etc.



Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH                                                       


Kölsumer Weg 33

41334 Nettetal


Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH                                                                                                        

Development & Production                                                             

BioCampus Cologne

Nattermannallee 1, Building S 20

50829 Köln                                                                                                                                


Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH                                                                                                        

plant biotechnology                                                             

BioCampus Cologne

Stöckheimer Weg 1, Building P 24

50829 Köln                                      


phone:    +49 2162 77859

fax:         +49 2162 89215