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MELEMA Pharma GmbH

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MELEMA Pharma GmbH is a new biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of cancer therapeutics based on natural compounds.


The current developments at MELEMA aim to increase the frequency and function of immune cells. MELEMAs lead product ME-503 (Aviscumine), is a recombinant version of a ribosome-inactivating protein (RIP). If administered subcutaneously, its strong immune-stimulatory effect can be demonstrated at very low doses at picomolar range.


The product recently completed a promising Phase II study in patients with refractory metastatic melanoma (stage IV). In this trial, Aviscumine showed important clinical efficacy compared to standard treatment. Tolerability was excellent and almost no serious side effects and no life-threatening events were observed.


Exploratory trials in various solid tumor indications underline the excellent safety and tolerability profile and the efficacy of Aviscumine in cancer indications beyond melanoma. Moreover, Aviscumine has upside potential as an immune potentiator, adjuvant or immunotoxin as the compound, among others, activates the immune cascade mediating the anti-cancer activity of the drug.


While well funded, for speedy advanced clinical development of ME-503, we still seek partners for development as well as commercialization. 


   MELEMA Pharma GmbH

Melema Pharma GmbH
Prof. Dr. Hans Lentzen


Nattermannallee 1

50859 Köln


Tel. +49  221 47448 400

Fax +49  221 47448 150

Mobil: +49 173 525 828 7

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