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Myriad International GmbH

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Myriad International GmbH develops modern diagnostic agents that not only facilitate determining the proper course of treatment, but also take high scientific standards and the practical demands on practicality in daily work at the clinic into account.


Myriad International manufactures the EndoPredict test, a kit-based gene expression test to accurately determine the likelihood of distant cancer recurrence 10 years after diagnosis of primary breast cancer under solely anti-hormonal treatment, i.e. without chemotherapy.


This test was developed by Sividon Diagnostics GmbH, a leading breast cancer prognostic company which was a management buyout of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in 2010. Sividon Diagnostics was acquired by Myriad Genetics on May 31, 2016 and was renamed to Myriad International GmbH in February 2018.






Myriad International GmbH                                                                            Myriad logo 2560 x 1440

Dr. Kerstin Bohmann

Director Regulatory Affairs          


Nattermannallee 1

Building S19


50859 Köln/Cologne


Tel.:     +49 221 - 669 561-10
Fax:     +49 221 - 669 561-99