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BioEcho Life Sciences

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BioEcho – Next Generation Products for Molecular Biology


Founded 2016 by a team of experts in genomic sample preparation (extraction & clean-up of nucleic acids) BioEcho Life Sciences provides a new generation of kits and reagents for genomic research and molecular diagnostics. BioEcho has developed a single-step technology for accelerated and simplified DNA and RNA purification processes.


BioEcho’s first products allow isolation of genomic DNA from various biological samples such as blood, cells and tissue in a superior quality and a fraction of the time compared to traditional workflows while saving 70% of plastic lab waste.


The company plans to apply their sample preparation toolbox and technologies in the development of more convenient Liquid Biopsy procedures (isolation of cell-free circulating nucleic acids), faster NGS sequencing workflows, and molecular and Point-of-Care diagnostics products and applications.



BioEcho Life Sciences GmbHBIOECHO logo quadratisch

Biocampus Cologne, Building E 04, 5th floor

Nattermannallee 1

50829 Köln/Cologne

Telefon: 0049 (221) -99 88 97-0