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Myriad International GmbH/ Sividon Diagnostics GmbH

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Personalized Cancer Care

Sividon Diagnostics is a spin-off from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic´former research group in Cologne. Its management team represents decades of professional experience in molecular diagnostics. Sividon is based on know-how and intellectual proberty rights from Siemens together with research results generated within a comprehensive network of reputable researchers and scientific organizations in Germany and Europe. Sividon develops and markets innovative products to improve the individualized selection of therapies in oncology.


Sividon Diagnostic GmbHSividon Diagnostics GmbH
Geschäftsführer & CEO 
Dr. Christoph Petry
Bulding S 19


Nattermannallee 1                                                                                                   
50859 Köln



Tel.: +49 221 - 669561-01
Fax:  +49 221 - 669561-99
Cell.: +49 176 24 00 4795